Community Projects

AZ Desert Riders, LLC, strives to maintain trails and a clean environment, attempting to project a positive image of ATV/UTV use.  To meet these goals, our club does several clean up outings a year and works at educating our membership to help ensure riding areas remain open.

December 2017 Trail Maintenance

A group of club members went to Cottonwood Pass to fix a few wash out areas and insure the future of this historical mining road.  Thanks to the crew for repairing the rock walls in a few spots. Contact your club to stay involved on the next opportunity. Club members Daryl Ritz, his son and grandson, Dick Flaig, Jim Richardson and James Rinehart were the work crew.


We have a one mile section of Highway 60, between Salome and Hope, that our members volunteer to patrol, picking up litter and trash twice a year.

Fall 2017 Adopt-a-Highway Cleanup

Highway cleanup went well. 15 bags of trashed picked up, two miles of Hiway 60 patroled, 21 members worked and all done in 1 1/2 hours. Thank you to all that volunteered their time and effort that day and a special thank you to Jim Olson who organized this event and made it happen!

2015 Desert Cleanup


2010 Desert Clean Up

The AZ Desert Riders have always been interested in helping our community.  Within the first month after our club was formed in December of 2009, we helped the Centennial Community Center in a project to keep people from parking over their leach field.

In the spring of 2010, we organized a Desert Clean-up.  Sadly, many people use our beautiful desert as a garbage dump.


Ghost Riders Clean Up

From time-to-time, we team-up with other local clubs to assist in their community projects. Below are some photos of us with the Ghost Riders, assisting in their tire clean up.